Ceramic Coating


Ceramic coating can be the ultimate surface finish for parts that are exposed to heat and friction.

Thermal Barrier

Need to keep the heat in? No problem! We offer Ceramic Coating that will protect your investment.

Excellent Corrosion Resistance

Ceramic coating. Corrosion resistance

Unmatched corrosion resistance 

Extreme Temperatures

We offer ceramic coatings that will perform at temperatures up to 1800F  

Electrical Barrier

Electrical Barrier is a durable,  corrosion resistant dielectric coating that provides unparalleled levels of adhesion and resistance to solvents and  chemicals.  The maximum operating temperature of  this coating is 400F. 

  • Dielectric Strength (V/mil) 3000
  • Corrected Dissipation Factor, D  0.006
  • Dielectric Constant, k 

Unmatched Chemical Resistance

Chemical Resistance, Chem resistant

All our Ceramic Coatings have extreme resistance to chemicals.

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